310 delivers high quality solar design and installation to New Mexico with enthusiasm, professionalism and efficiency. Our passion for renewable energy spans over 30 years and we are inspired to positively impact our community and environment.



We provide a variety of solar services which include Sunrnr solar generators and solar hot air panels.

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As an innovative, dynamic company we value experience, ingenuity, and enthusiasm in our team—which means that you get the best system design, the most professional installation experience, and local, long-term support.

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are designed for commercial entities concerned about rapidly increasing utility rates. An agreement between a seller and buyer of electricity, a PPA allows the seller to finance a solar project and claim the financial incentives for that project (tax credits, REC payments), while locking-in a pre-determined electricity rate for the buyer...

Tax Credits are available for both solar thermal and solar PV. To offset the initial cost of installing solar, the federal and NM governments have a tax credit in place to lower the cost to consumers.

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